Welshpool Welsh School - Galles, UK

Location: Welshpool, Galles, UK

Ysgol Gymraeg Y Trallwng, which translates to 'Welshpool Welsh School’, is a grade II listed building: a construction of special historical value. Today, it serves as Welshpool’s newly established bilingual primary school, where students are actively encouraged to embrace bilingualism, with Welsh being the official language of the school. Recently, Ysgol Gymraeg Y Trallwng underwent a redevelopment project aimed at seamlessly integrating the school in to the Welshpool’s architectural landscape. The outcome is a building that combines a Grade II listed building with a completely new area built to the latest Passivhaus standards.

Our partner Kingfisher Lighting was asked to design a high-performance lighting system that also incorporated emergency functionality. In order to balance the requirements of a Grade II listed building with the stringent Passivhaus standards (passive buildings that have minimal energy consumption with a high standard of living), Kingfisher Lighting designed an intuitive lighting solution, featuring warm-toned LED lighting that provides pleasant visual comfort.

QUADRIO Urban was selected to ensure the safety of student walkways. This 4 meter high urban bollard combines high performance with optimal efficiency, thanks to its square shape and radial optics. It’s neat and slim design is perfect for illuminating pedestrian areas and walkways. Therefore, 9 fixtures with a colour temperature of 2700K were placed to gracefully oversee the school’s entry and exit points. Located adjacent to classrooms and fences, GOTHIC 180 bollards provide glare-free illumination. The refined design and high product strength make

GOTHIC 180 suitable for illuminating parks, gardens, and pedestrian areas. Selected in the radial optics version, combined with the emergency module, it ensures optimal light distribution even during power outages.

LUNIO is the Arcluce pole-top luminaire engineered for a reduced energy consumption and incorporates the latest Smart Function technologies. It merges a sleek design with energy efficiency, without producing light pollution. Positioned near the main entrance of the school, Arcluce LUNIO ensures comfortable and functional lighting for students and staff entering and exiting the institute.

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